Wednesday, August 8, 2007

I'm at the cabin!!! I look forward to this trip every year and my poor co-workers had to listen to me count down the days. Then they call me to whine about how much work they have to do. Oh well...I'm still at the cabin!! I have been mainly working on the sweater you guys have already seen, this green-gray one. I'm getting close to finishing. I also started this pink and brown shrug for my sister. It's from lace style. I've always wanted to make a shrug because they're small, but I think they are kinda stupid. I am either cold or hot-not just my shoulders. But my sister is cool enough to pull it off so she'll get it. The yarn is Debbie Bliss Cotton and Silk. It's nice to knit with, but the lace pattern is so easy it's getting sister is here to egg me on, she yells at me every time I'm working on something else. I will have more cabin pics soon, but now I am off to the casino. My dad, mom, Chris, and I entered a blackjack tournament we all moved on to the second round except mom. I was the top winner out of every one with $1825, too bad it's not real money. Wish me luck on the next round. I'll keep you updated, unless there is nice weather-then I'll be swimming!


Jess said...

Have a great vacation! Good luck on the blackjack tournament.

Zelda said...

Keep up the good work.