Thursday, August 30, 2007

Entrelac, really?

Yes-I went to the dark side of entrelac. I never tried it until now because it looked like such a pain in the ass, but I actually like doing it. The pattern is really addicting with all of these colors to play with. They are leftover scraps of wool, this is going to be a felted pillow. At the store people asked for an entrelac class so I thought a felted project would be good so all of the mistakes disappear. My kinda project. Bruce enjoys the pillow too, he doesn't care if the project is finished. I wish everyone felt that way. I have a surprise coming for you as soon as I get a picture for proof of my new acheivement.


Jess said...

I like your colors! And, IMO, *all* entrelac should be fulled. I have not seen a non-fulled entrelac item that appeals to me, though I'm sure there's got to be one out there!

Entrelac is fun, isn't it? You really can get into a good rhythm with it and it goes fairly quickly.

nettie said...

Wow... Abby told me about your goal of 10 completed projects.
Holy cow! What an inspiration! Loved the Fiesta Mittens... I might even finish mine someday soon. I'll have to get them out of the BOTTOM of the basket! NJM

Knittinmama said...

What's the light side of entrelac?

katherine coryell said...

good question knittinmama...You know what I mean-the dark side of knitting!