Saturday, August 25, 2007

Christmas all year long

We have an official set of stockings. Xmas will be much more decorative this year. I love these stockings-thanks knittinmama for the brilliant idea! Hopefully I will be ambitious enough to make some for the dog and cat-they will be smaller of course. Well this is the famous number nine on the list-o-ten. Only one more to go before I can bring home new yarn. In the future I'm going to try and keep myself in check, a little bit, maybe. I was sewing up my euroflax t-shirt and errors occurred, I have to take it back a bit. As usual I have found a way to distract myself from the problem at hand-start an entrelac pillow. Don't ask.


Knittinmama said...

What did you use for the heel and toe?

katherine coryell said...

lambs pride worsted

blue-haired lady said...

looking good. I am so impressed with 9/10 fos. and a little jealous. So. How big is the entrlac pillow going to be?