Tuesday, August 21, 2007

This is an old finished project, from last spring. I made it for my mom out of silky wool- which I LOVE working with. The sweater is from an issue of Vogue from a couple of years ago. No...I'm not running out of things to photograph, I took some pictures of my newest two-yes count them TWO finished projects, but they were blurry. So that will be my mission today, to get better pictures for you. I hope you enjoy looking at a completed project even though it's not recent.


Anonymous said...

Hi Katie! great blog -- it's fun to see what samples around Borealis are your work. If you care, I don't have pretty pictures up yet (soon to be fixed) but here's my little spot on the web, to keep in touch with people from my last knitting group and various yarn minded friends.



chick with sticks said...

Great pic Katie! Hopefully we will get to see fishy and your newest sweater up here soon. They book look fav in real life.