Friday, August 24, 2007

TWO finished objects!!!

I finally came up with some good pictures of the projects I finished this week. The beaded fish was worth all its trouble. It was on a #0000 size needle, and I had to string all of the beads on myself! He is hanging up at Borealis, the texture is really cool you-gotta touch it. This Linen Isle sweater is my new uniform. It's perfect for this chilly but still humid weather. I've worn it everyday since I finished on Sunday. I had some luck at the state fair. I entered a sideways sweater, a mosaic tote, and the fiesta mittens which you've seen, I got 2 second place prizes and a third. I can't wait to see them at the fair while stuffing my face with corn dogs and mini donuts.


Knittinmama said...

"The beaded fish was worth all its trouble."

I'm quoting you on this.

One project left - I smell intense yarn purchases on their way.....

Amy said...

I cannot wait to see that beaded fish. I was loving poking it while it was on your needles; I anticipate loving poking it off the needles.