Friday, July 27, 2007

Xmas in July

I've had the last four days off of work! But I had to have oral surgery, so it hasn't really been fun. Except for this stocking which I managed to knit while taking pain killers, I was impressed. My co-worker made a set of stockings like this for her family that inspired me to make my own. Knitting is wonderful in recovery, it keeps my mind off of the discomfort. I had a root canal Tues. am that went wrong. My roots were growing into my nerve canal, and when the dentist filled my tooth it compressed my nerve. This caused my face to go numb. The oral surgeon took out the filling from the nerve canal by cutting into the side of my freakin' jaw!! Not a pleasurable experience. Thankfully my boss and coworkers are really helping out and giving me a lot of time to rest, boy do I need it. Thank you to everyone who has been so great to me.

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Che' said...

And theres the foxy Chris Sox!! Im so glad your here to play angel!