Sunday, July 8, 2007

Surprise-it's the aqua swirl pillow from Pick Up Sticks. We just got the pattern in at Borealis Yarns, where I work. It was so quick to knit and I only used three skeins of Cascade 220, which is always great-the pattern called for four. I even used size 10.5 needles when it calls for 10, I figured it's felted so gauge doesn't matter and a pillow can always be a little bigger. It's also fun to hear peoples interpretations. My mom said it looked like a ying-yang symbol, my sister thought it was an eyeball, and my boyfriend, Chris asked if I were trying to hypnotize him.

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knittinmama said...

Great blog! I love the interest your dog seems to have in your knitting. He looks like my son does sometimes when he's waiting for me to put down my needles - "Are you done with your row Mama?" was among his first sentences.

I also like the idea of pillow as personality test. I see a yin/yang symbol, but after reading your family's reaction the eyeball idea is creeping me out. It makes me less likely to sit on the pillow....especially while wearing a skirt.