Monday, January 14, 2008

Two months later...again

I had a successful gift giving Christmas. It was a lot of fun to give gifts that I knew would be loved. This first picture is a little creepy but I find it hilarious. The girls at the yarn store joke about each other having knitting elves in their stash at home that finish all of their projects fast. This is as good as Bigfoot footage! Call the national enquirer! No, wait, it's just a doll for the little cousin.
The gray socks are for my aunt. I am really glad I completed these because last year she only got one sock...until July! They are made out of Raggi-a worsted wool/nylon blend that is great for these last minute x-mas projects. That is what my uncle is modeling on his feet also. His socks are special, I put garter stitch on the bottom so they are super squishy and comfy. He has sore feet, to say the least, so I hope these make it a bit better.
And last but not least-especially not least in stitches- the finished Dr. Who Scarf! My uncle was very excited about wearing the scarf to his friends house where they watch the show together. I'm glad I followed the official pattern!

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blue haired lady said...

Wow, you found your camera! Now I see why that Dr. Who scarf really needed to be the 'official' length.
It's beautiful