Wednesday, April 23, 2008

This is who I want to marry? own personal incredible Hulk. This is a sweater that I started earlier this winter for my sweetheart. It is made from Magpie by Rowan. I love knitting with it, although it is a bit scratchy. Chris put it on and gave me the funniest look, "it's itchy" (in a whiny, pathetic voice). I know it will get much softer after it has been washed. The good thing is that we are about the same size so I will gain a new sweater if he doesn't like it! I finished one of the sleeves but I am blogging about it to give myself motivation to finish it. I am in a "starting-a-new-project" mood; so I am trying to get excited for my old projects in order to keep me from bringing home some Elsebeth Lavold Bamboucle to cast on for a summer top. It has worked so far today, wish me luck the rest of the week at work.

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JFibers said...

hee hee... you're so silly. chris is too funny.