Monday, February 4, 2008

I have strong urges to start new projects, but I just can't justify it. The two projects I am looking at both use size 9 needles. Now I know I have several size 9 needles, but I can't risk permenantly abandoning the projects from which I would strip these needles from. I have picked up the aran coat I started last winter which is pictured here. It is on size 9 needles...but then Chris started asking me about his sweater that I also started last winter, damn that one is on 6's. I am glad to say there is progress on both sweaters. I completed the front of the aran coat and started with another sleeve, then I will have the other front and the collar to go.


Knittinmama said...

Grey cables? Two great things that go great together. I love it, love it, love it. I want to pet your coat.

Madame Plush Bottom said...

ooohhh that is lovely. Damn needles.... you know I bought another size six - 16 inch long circular this week only to come home and find out taht I already have 2 of them according to the stash I logged in on ravelry. Damn... if I could only find them.